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Picture declaring "we help you succeed"Reading Difficulty Makes All Of Life Difficult

Boy reading on stackDifficulty with reading affects all of life.  It’s an obvious concern for students in school, but it also has an effect on all of life.  Here are a few situations where reading ability is important:

  • Classes in Language Arts, English, History, Math, and Science
  • Learning from books that teach a desired skill
  • Learning driving laws and taking a driver’s test
  • Reading road signs
  • Reading information necessary to apply for and perform a job
  • Reading labels on foods and medications to enable healthy choices
  • Reading about and understanding what’s happening in the world

Reading Instruction That Works!

“No more force feeding.  My son is now a voluntary reader!  He even requests trips to the library.”
Mother of 5th grade graduate of our program  (reading level gain of 3.2 years)

In the early 1900’s, the majority of our population lived in large cities.  In those cities 95% of the population could read anything in print.  Unfortunately, today less than half of our population can read above the 6th grade level.

Don’t let your child or yourself suffer through life with low reading skills.

Parents come to us looking for a reading tutor.  They discover we provide more than they expected. The phonics reading program we use teaches what was taught in the early 1900’s.  Our teaching system is so effective that it is used around the world in private and public schools, and in hundreds of settings just like ours.

“You have changed my life” – a word of thanks from a 5th grade girl

Let us help you or your child.  Call us at the number below for a FREE assessment.  Learn more about our reading instruction system on the Reading Tutor page.


Math Skills Affect School And Life Beyond School

Math symbols pictureMath skills are obviously important for math class, but they are also important for other areas of life. Here are some situations where they are of value, in school and in life:

  • Classes in math, science, industrial arts, life skills, and health
  • Home repairs, proportions used in cooking, measurements and conversions
  • Buying decisions, home budget, financial decisions, shipping costs
  • The performance of a job and advancement often requires math skills

Math Tutoring That Works!

“Thank you for what you’ve done for our daughter.  She has received this award (Most Improved 6th Grader) because of what you taught her!”
– Comment from the student’s mother at an award ceremony

To help a student overcome what’s holding them back in math, we enhance math tutoring by also covering topics that need to be relearned, or learned for the first time.  Learn about our math tutoring and instruction on the Math Tutor page.


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